Building Information Modeling Services (BIM): Lead by our Company COO Engineer, Mr. Kerem Bugdaycioglu.

Holistic process of creating and managing information for a Built Asset

We offer BIM modelling services with a LOD 100 to 500 range. Our services include architecture, structure, and MEP detailing, shop drawings, digital twins, as-built drawings, project BIM coordination, clash detection and resolution, BIM implementation, family creation, Cobie properties, PDF to BIM, CAD to BIM, and Scan to BIM. Additionally, our BIM solutions range from 3D to 7D, offering shared information models, duration, timeline and scheduling, cost estimation, analysis, budgetary tracking, self-sustainable and energy-efficient structures, and holistic facility management information for the entire lifecycle.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality engineering and design services to our clients. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.


What Doesn’t Happen in 2D, Happens in 3D

  • Communication doesn’t get lost as models are continually translated back and forth from two dimensions to three.
  • COOPERATION: Exchanging data and models easily.
  • By working with the 3D models, all project stakeholders have a common understanding of the project.

2D Interoperability


BIM Stake Holders and Interoperability


BIM Modelling Services LOD 100 to 500

    • Architecture Detailing
    • Structure Detailing
    • MEP Detailing
    • Shop Drawings
    • Digital Twins
    • As-Built Drawings
    • Project BIM Coordination
    • Clash Detection and Resolution
    • BIM Implementation
    • Family Creation
    • Cobie Properties
    • PDF to BIM
    • CAD to BIM
    • Scan to BIM

BIM Solution 3D to 7D

  • 3D BIM -The shared information model
  • 4D BIM - Duration, Timeline & Scheduling
  • 5D BIM -Cost Estimation, Analysis, and Budgetary Tracking
  • 6D BIM - Making a Structure Self-Sustainable & Energy Efficient
  • 7D BIM - Holistic Facility Management Information for Entire Lifecycle

Please refer the Small Profile of FKPD Affiliated Companies for BIM Services

Creating with a Vision