Claim Management

For The Client And Contractor

SCC offers customized claims management services with a focus on program oversight and operational efficiencies. With an integrated communication system and disciplined approach, we help manage global claims as easily as domestic claims. Our services cover construction contract claims, pre-dispute claim and validation, cost overrun investigations, dispute avoidance and resolution, contract administration and management, arbitration assistance, and tender process and procurement strategies.

    Why Us

  • Local, native speaking claims specialists with experience and expertise settling claims in local markets and an understanding of local customs, regulations, and risk management practices
  • A single-contact SCC appointed partnership executive
  • Claims services with consistent structure, quality, and outcomes
  • Highly trained staff and quality control systems assure superior service delivery

Pre-Disputes Claim and Validation

  • Validation of computed claims
  • Red-flagging of the claim computation methodology
  • Advice on missed out claims
  • Assistance with evidence compilation
  • Corrective

Cost Overrun Investigations

  • Recovering costs from clients, stakeholders and other entities who may be involved in malpractice, fraud, or corruption
  • Understanding and mitigating risks associated with a cost overrun
  • Achieving budgeted revenue and profits
  • Improving and maintaining shareholder value in the construction asset as a financial or strategic investor

Dispute avoidance - Schedule Management and Programme Control

  • Technology-based analysis on platforms.
  • Assessment of the underlying schedule design and integrity.
  • Identification of critical paths, subcritical paths or concurrent critical paths.
  • Analysis of the changing nature of the project and supporting schedules.
  • Identification of the slippage in an activity or a sequence of activities.
  • Comparison of the project schedule to highlight interface issues.

Expert Testimony Services

  • Review of the opposing expert’s delay and damages or loss report.
  • Review of financial as well as other business documents of the opposing party.
  • Assistance in negotiations and optimization of such proceedings.
  • Preparation of a professional and coherent written expert report.

Dispute resolution - Delay Analysis and Compensation Claims

  • Programme impact analysis.
  • Financial impact, loss, and damage.
  • Quantification.
  • Implementation of schedule analytics tools to extract, organize and analyse large volumes of data from a variety of scheduling tools databases.

Types of Construction Claims

  • Contractual Claim
  • Extra-contractual Claim
  • Ex-Gratia Claim
  • Extension of Time Claim

Claims Management

  • Claim Identification
  • Claim Notification
  • Claim Substantiation
  • Analysis of time and cost impacts of the change
  • Pricing of the change
  • Negotiation of the claim
  • Decision of Engineer/Owner
  • Further Action by Contractor

Please refer the Small Profile of FKPD Affiliated Companies for Claims Management

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