Health, Safety & Environment Procedures

In keeping with our general safety policy we have issued a separate health, safety and environmental policy. The company requires all of its employees to conduct all task and activities in complete conformance with the international & local health and safety standards and regulations resulting in the protection of themselves and others who may be affected by their actions. In addition, we ensure to educate our employees and make them aware of all the safety and environmental issues and standards so as to conduct themselves in such a way as to adopt prevention measures where applicable, while enhancing the quality of our environment.

Each new employee has to attend an induction course to familiarize them with the principles of our policy and to ingrain them with the required and updated safety standard codes and procedures. Daily toolbox meetings are held on the project site and at all of our central facility and lay down yards to ensure that HSE is a common element of working practices. The topic discussed relates to the specific of that daily activity, tasks on hand and to introduce any new topics which can reinforce awareness and enhance the safety.

By strictly implementing our plan policy and manuals we aim to continuously enhance our established reputation as a responsible contractor in the fields of health and safety of our employee, our clients and practice green procedure to participate in the protection of the environment. Our health and safety plan along with our Loss Preventive program is ready for submittal at any time when requested and the same will be tailored to each project depending on its nature and specific standards and requirements.